"The Chivas Skin Care Clarifying Facial Soap is wonderful. Cleared my teenager & pre-teen's acne up within a few days. It is so nice to find a natural, healthy alternative to the harsh, drying & expensive acne products."   - Lisa from Simi Valley, California
“I have spent hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars on skin care products to try to take care of my adult acne issues. I never had acne until my mid 20's, and once it hit, it hit hard… I couldn't go swimming because I knew when I came out I would look like a monster and I would cry all the time... After using your [Clarifying facial] soap and [Calming] facial moisturizer I have seen a transformation! I swear by it so much that any of my other friends who are suffering from adult acne I buy your soaps as gifts and they have had the same results... thank you for giving me back my face, truly.”   - Ashley from Huntington Beach, California