*NEW* Market Soap 8-Pack

*NEW* Market Soap 8-Pack

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We are so proud to officially announce the launch of our new market soaps!  We have spent one year and about 200 test batches to develop these new scents, colors and boxes... and truly hope you enjoy!    

This set includes one of each of our 8 new market soaps: Cinnamon Clove, Lavender Grapefruit, Mandarin Lime, Lavender Mint, Cypress Pine, Lavender Oatmeal, Vanilla Almond and Fragrance Free.  

Curious to learn more about the new line?  Read FAQs below.

Net Wt.  32 oz. (each bar is 4 oz.)


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What are the main differences between your old line and your new line? 

  • New Scents:  We've added 4 great new scents: Lavender Grapefruit, Mandarin Lime, Cypress Pine and Vanilla Almond.

  • New Colors:  The best-selling scents from our old line that rolled over to the new line still got a make-over. Lavender Oatmeal is now a beautiful purple hue, Lavender Mint a soft green and Cinnamon Clove a rich red. Fragrance Free is the only soap with the same scent and color as before (aka no scent and no color).

  • New Boxes:  These boxes are durable, which means they won't unwrap the way our  paper wrappers sometimes did.  Plus, the boxes hold more vibrant colors, and have more space to tell our story … which is especially great when sharing our soaps as gifts.  


    Are the basic recipes and ingredients the same as what I'm used to? 

    Yes!  All of our soaps are still handmade on our family farm with the same great recipe of farm-fresh goat milk, fair trade shea butter, food-grade olive oil and certified sustainable palm oil.  They are still scented with essential oils only (no artificial fragrance oil or perfumes) and colored with all-natural colors only. The only change to the basic recipe is that our soybean oil is now non-GMO (woohoo!).   

    I don’t see a scent I really liked from the old line.  Can I still get it?

    It depends.  Peppermint Citrus and Rose Geranium are available in the boutique line as Butterfield Road and Las Flores Gardens, while pure Lavender Oatmeal (aka no purple clay) is available as both Ojai Valley Retreat (in the boutique line) and Ojai Valley (in the vintage crate label line). Pure Lavender Mint (aka no chlorella green color) and Lemon Tea Tree are available in the vintage crate label line as Ventura and Santa Paula.  Lavender Pine is discontinued and no longer available.