Extra-Large Beauty Collection

Extra-Large Beauty Collection

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This delux set includes: 

  • 1 full-size goat milk facial cream

  • 1 full-size goat milk facial soap

  • 1 full-size facial toner

  • 1 full-size goat milk eye cream

  • 1 full-size orange carrot seed cleansing oil

  • 1 full-size goat milk facial masque

  • 1 vegan lip balm

NOTE: Because we do not currently carry a "Clarifying" facial cream, the "Clarifying" trio (for acne-prone skin) will automatically come with the "Nourishing" cream (for dry or mature skin).  If you would like to switch to "Calming" (unscented for sensitive skin), please say so in the comments section at checkout.

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