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  *An additional 10% of "EC" products will be donated to Elizabeth's Canvas, a non-profit that offers free art classes for children with cancer.   


Chin Up
Loud Roar
Keep Calm
Fuck Cancer



You made a purchase here today, and are looking for more ways to help?  Here are some ideas:

1. Share with friends, family and co-workers.  Sometimes it can be hard to ask others to make a financial donation.  But, with these gift sets, your friends and family will receive product equal in value to the purchase price.  So when they buy – they give and they get!

2. Take a Picture with the Product.   You can either share on social media tagging both Alissa (@workingap) and us (@chivasskincare)… or email directly to us at info (at) chivasskincare (dot) com.  We’ll be adding our favorite of your photos to this webpage and to our social media. 

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4. Buying ahead for the Holidays.  Wouldn’t it be nice to check some people off your list?  Add Holiday gifts to your shopping cart, knowing that 60% of your purchase will go directly to Alissa. 

5. Consider a cash donation.  Cash or check mailed directly to Alissa means she gets 100% of your donation.  Donating through her Go Fund Me page is great too, but just keep in mind that 8% of your donation will go towards processing fees.  


AlissA's Story

Alissa’s first fight with cancer began in January 2014 with a pain under her armpit.  It turned out to be a very fast growing HER2+ breast cancer in her left breast that had spread to her lymph nodes and liver.  Classified as Stage IV, Alissa tenaciously and fearlessly fought this cancer, and won by knock-out.

Then, in early January 2016: a rematch. This time brain cancer.  Her incredible medical team acted quickly and removed the tumor.  Again, Alissa declared victory.

But cancer wasn’t ready to quit her.  After nearly suffering a full seizure in March 2017, the same week as her birthday, she went to the hospital and was given an MRI and PET scan.  The results were staggering.  In the two months since a clear brain MRI, cancer tumors had appeared in her brain, breast, lymph nodes, neck, pancreas, abdomen, pelvis, pectoral muscle and near one ovary.  Not one to back down, Alissa is training to win another fight. 

“I hope to encourage the act of coming together, to outplay any bad cards dealt in this life. I have to stand for the things I believe in and I genuinely believe continuing to treat my cancer with a holistic, positive attitude is the only way to go.”  

Most traditional treatments are covered by Alissa's insurance, but her medical leave, alternative approaches and travel are not.  Funds raised here will help her afford ALL options including immunotherapy, vaccinations, detoxification and other favorable options given by her medical team.

Proceeds from your purchase today will help support Alissa in her fight against cancer.  


Chivas Skin Care + Alissa

Alissa is a dear friend of Chivas Skin Care co-founder, Lauren Jones.  In fact, the two used to be roommates!  A very talented designer and creative director, Alissa was also one of the early members of the Chivas Skin Care team.  She helped us to create our logo and the packaging design that you see today in many of our top selling products.  While Alissa has always been a huge fan of Chivas products, now that she has gone through chemotherapy, she especially appreciates how they help to gently soothe and moisturize her often dry, sensitive skin.

Since Alissa's diagnosis, Lauren has enjoyed visiting medical centers and detox retreats with her, and firmly believes in the value of complimenting Western traditional treatments with additional holistic approaches.  Lauren created this campaign to help Alissa afford any treatment that she and her team of doctors feel will be helpful in her pursuit of a cancer-free life.  

Your purchase today will help alissa on her path to health...

... and in the process, you'll receive high-quality, natural products that will help maintain your skin's health too!



Chivas Skin Care partnered with Elizabeth's Canvas (EC) a few years ago to create a line of "gifts that give".  Each soap and facial cream is wrapped in artwork created by those battling cancer.  Proceeds from EC product sales help fund free art classes for cancer patients and survivors (primarily children).  The founder of EC, John-David Perry, is an old friend of Chivas co-founder, Lauren Jones.  He graciously offered to include EC soaps in the sets above so that more funds could be raised for Alissa's campaign.  Thank you John!

For every "EC" Product sold here, 60% of sales will be donated directly to Alissa and 10% of sales will be donated to fund art classes for children with cancer. 

Learn more about EC here.