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Lissy-ism: Treat yo-self!

"All of my favorite picks for a fresh, facial routine that pampers your skin naturally.  Included in this primo set is the facial cleansing oil that I collaborated with Chivas Skin Care to create while I was going through chemo.  Treat yourself (or gift to a loved one)." - Alissa

This set includes: 1 Facial Cream (scented or unscented), 1 Facial Soap (scented or unscented), 1 Eye Cream, 1 Facial Cleansing Oil and 1 Lip Balm.  All soaps, lotions, facial creams are made with rich goat milk to nourish and moisturize the skin; great for anyone going through treatment. See individual product descriptions below. 

60% of sales of this set will directly help fund Alissa's fight against cancer. No coupon required.

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Facial Cream 

A unique formula of goat milk, avocado oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E.  Choose between the Nourishing (lightly scented for all skin types) or Calming (unscented for ultra-sensitive skin). 

Facial Cleansing Oil 

When Alissa was first going through chemotherapy, she was looking for a cleansing solution for her dry, irritated skin.  She worked with Lauren (friend and owner of Chivas Skin Care) to come up with this gentle blend of luxurious oils.  

Facial Soap 

Lightly Scented: Lavender is known to be calming to both body and mind. Oatmeal serves as a gentle facial exfoliant, and helps to soothe redness or irritation.  

Unscented: No added essential oils. Our purest recipe for the most sensitive skin: soothing goat milk with hydrating olive oil and healing shea butter. 


Eye Cream

This supple eye cream is incredibly nourishing with rich goat milk, luxurious argan oil and vitamin E. Help reduce under-eye puffiness with anti-inflammatory chamomile essential oil.

Lip Balm

A vegan formula made with peppermint, citrus & lavender essential oils (which give it a fresh scent and light tingle) and high-quality oils including organic rosehip & vitamin E.

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