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Essential Oil for Sport Stench     

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the story behind chubbs

Chubb’s Stink Away was developed in Avon, Ohio by a 10 year old boy, Kerner Berish, who suffered from the same problem as every hockey player…hockey stench!  The bag, the skates, the equipment... everything stunk!  

Kerner’s poor mother had tried nearly every product on the market, most of which not only did not work, but were also full of chemicals.

Finally, Kerner’s Aunt Donna suggested the natural alternative of essential oils and sent him a bottle to try -  problem solved!  That week, Kerner's hockey teammates asked, "Why do your skates smell so good?”  

Kerner, being a young entrepreneur, asked Aunt Donna if he could sell the oils to his teammates.  And, thus, Chubb’s Stink Away was born.  

Chubb’s Stink Away is an all-natural solution to sport stench of all types (baseball, football, soccer, etc.) that is safe for both skin and leather.

FUN FACT:  Kerner is using the proceeds of the sales to save for college (just in case he doesn’t get a hockey scholarship) and to start a hardship scholarship to help players who can’t afford the equipment costs and club fees at his hockey club.   (Although North Olmsted Hockey Club endorses and supports Chubb's Stink Away…NOHC and CSHL are in no way affiliated with Chubb's Stink Away.)  

the secret of chubbs 

Chubb's Stink Away is a propietary blend of all-natural essential oils including lemon, tea tree and lavender.