"Absolutely, hands down, my FAVORITE vegan lip balm"

Angie of Vegan Outlooks gives our vegan lip balm a rave review!  She does bring up the irony that we are a skin care company based on the benefits of goat milk (not vegan) and yet have an amazing vegan lip balm.  I will write a separate post on the story behind why that came to be... for now, I'll let Angie take it away!

"This is absolutely, hands down, my FAVORITE vegan lip balm that I have tried so far! Which is pretty random considering that this company is primarily “goat milk skin care”, which is really a shame, and this is their only vegan product. Go figure how they came up with such a wonderful vegan lip balm. I wish they would make more vegan products (or even better, go vegan all together!!) This one is made with high quality oils like rose hip, peppermint, citrus, lavender (among other) essential oils and vitamin E; it is certified vegan and contains 75% organic content. I think the secret is in ALL of those wonderful essential oils. The peppermint oil in it makes your lips tingle, which I LOVE. (Like Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap, but that’s a whole other post  ) And best of all, I LOVE the lastability of it. (Not sure if that’s a word, but it describes this perfectly!) This lip balm lasts longer than any other lip balm I have ever tried. I found this one also at Purre in The Camp in Costa Mesa, but you can also snag one on the Chivas Skincare website for $7.00. Yes, the price is a bit steep, but for a lip balm addict like me, it’s worth every penny."

So, if you've never used our vegan lip balm before, now you've got a great reason to give it a try.  You can learn all about it and buy it here.