The Story Behind Chivas Skin Care


We handcraft goat milk soaps on our southern california family farm with fresh goat milk, all-natural essential oils, fair trade shea butter and lots of love.

Raising our alpine goats and milking them twice a day is so worth the effort because their rich and nutritious goat milk is what makes our soap so moisturizing, nourishing and gentle.  Each bar of soap is great for your face, body and hands and is especially designed for dry or sensitive skin.

As our soaps have been recognized by Good Morning America, KTLA news, Country Living magazine, Lucky magazine and Daily Candy, and carried in respected stores nationwide. we have been fortunate to be able to grow our simple line to now include rich goat milk facial cremes, nourishing goat milk bath salts and moisturizing lip balms.

Benefits of Goat Milk

Ever wonder why your bar of soap turns hard and cracks down the middle? This is because most commercial soap is made with large amounts of water, in addition to chemical fragrances and preservatives. Chivas does not add a single drop of water to our soap, but instead uses fresh goat milk (not powdered or canned).


Goat milk has long been regarded as the ultimate skin luxury. It is said that Cleopatra’s beauty secret was bathing in goat milk. We now know why:

Goat milk is nourishing because it has more vital vitamins and triglycerides (fats) than either cow’s milk or water. It is packed with vitamins A, B, C & D as well as protein, calcium, potassium and magnesium.  Great for mal-nourished skin!

Goat milk is gentle because it has a pH level that is closest to that of our skin.  It contains Caprylic Acid which maintains this low alkalinity. Great for sensitive skin!

Goat milk is moisturizing because its short-strand protein structure allows it to be easily absorbed into the skin. Great for dry skin!

Goat milk is often recommended by dermatologists to patients who suffer from dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.


If you have any other questions, you can browse our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly.


To happy and healthy lives,