Loud Roar

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Loud Roar Facial soaps and lotions.JPG

Loud Roar


Lissy-ism: ROAR - never lay down to defeat! 

"This selection of 2 hand and body soaps paired with 2 complimentary body lotions will fill your home with the same scents that uplifted me through my recovery.  Enjoy long-lasting moisture anytime of day, as part of your holistic skin care routine." - Alissa  

This set includes: 1 Citrus Sage soap (for the body), 1 Rosemary Fennel soap (for the hands), 1 Mandarin Lime lotion and 1 Cedarwood lotion (both for hands and body).  All soaps and lotions are made with rich goat milk to nourish and moisturize the skin; great for anyone going through treatment.  See individual product descriptions below. 


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Citrus Sage Soap

Sage is derived from the Latin word “to save”, and is known as a natural purifier.  This, blended with orange, lemon, and grapefruit, makes for a fabulous body cleanser.


Rosemary Fennel Soap

Rosemary has natural anti-microbial and anti-septic qualities perfect for daily hand-washing.  Plus, cornmeal and poppy seeds offer much needed hand exfoliation. 

Mandarin Lime Lotion

Enriched with sweet almond oil and honey to nourish the skin... and a cheerful, citrus essential oil blend to brighten the mood. 

Cedarwood Lotion

Enriched with neem seed oil and willow bark extract to nourish the skin, and a classic, woodsy essential oil blend that reminds Lissy of her Pacific Northwest roots. 

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