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Read about Alissa's ("Lissy") story below. 

Chin Up
Loud Roar
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Fuck Cancer

AlissA's Story

Alissa’s first fight began in January 2014 with a pain under her armpit.  It turned out to be a very fast growing HER2+ breast cancer in her left breast that had spread to her lymph nodes and liver.  Classified as Stage IV, Alissa tenaciously and fearlessly fought this cancer, and won by knock-out.

Then, in early January 2016: a rematch.  This time brain cancer.  Her incredible medical team acted quickly and removed the tumor.  Again, Alissa declared victory.

But cancer wasn’t ready to quit her.  After nearly suffering a full seizure in March 2017, the same week as her birthday, she went to the hospital and was given an MRI and PET scan.  The results were staggering.  In the two months since a clear brain MRI, cancer tumors had appeared in her brain, breast, lymph nodes, neck, pancreas, abdomen, near one ovary, pelvis, and pectoral muscle.  Not one to back down, Alissa is training to win another fight.  “I hope to encourage the act of coming together, to outplay any bad cards dealt in this life. I have to stand for the things I believe in and I genuinely believe continuing to treat my cancer with a holistic, positive attitude is the only way to go.”  

Traditional treatments are covered by Alissa's insurance, but her medical leave, all alternative approaches and travel are not.  Funds raised here will help her afford all options including immunotherapy, vaccinations, detoxification and other favorable options given by her medical team.

Help Alissa win another knock-out by supporting her through proceeds from Chivas Skin Care's specially-designed gift sets.  Chivas was specifically selected as a partner because of their philosophy and commitment to healthy, pure, natural ingredients - free from harmful chemicals, dyes and synthetic ingredients.  Going through chemotherapy your body is robbed of moisture, and Chivas products gently and naturally restore the softness to your face and body.  Alissa has chosen a natural, organic life... and choses Chivas too!  Chivas products can be a great choice for you and your family, or for loved ones fighting this same fight.  



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